About Thumbuddy and How to Stop Thumb Sucking

About Thumbuddy

Thumbuddy To Love® is a positive tool that teaches children how to stop thumb sucking. Our newest product, The Binky Fairy is for Pacifier suckers to help break the pacifier habit gently.

Baby Thumb SuckingFor Thumb Suckers- Thumbuddy to Love™ is a storybook and thumb puppet available in 2 different characters, Fireman Fred for boys and Ballerina Sue for girls. The storybook is read often by parents to teach children to stop sucking their thumbs or fingers. The thumb puppet is worn anytime, including bed time. Each book comes with a weekly success calendar and stickers. Thumbuddy to Love™ is meant for 3 to 6 year olds and we encourage you to introduce Thumbuddy at an early age to help stop thumb sucking. The packaging that it comes in can be re-used to put collectibles in such as crayons or coins.

Fro Pacifer Suckers- Thumbuddy To Love – The Binky Fairy is designed to help little pacifier suckers let go of their paci/binky without all the fuss. Each story book comes with a success chart and Binky Fairy puppet. The Binky Fairy is for ages 2-5. The Binky Fairy is for both boys and girls. Pediatricians and Dentists agree that prolonged pacifier sucking can affect the teeth and some pediatricians believe that prolonged pacifier use can lead to 50% increase in ear infections. Each product comes in re-usable packaging.

Stopping Thumb Sucking Thumb Sucking

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You can download and print these Certificates of Congratulations once your child accomplishes his or her goal!

Toddler Thumb Sucking Baby Thumb Sucking
Certificate for Girls Certificate for Boys


A display stand is available for Dental offices and Stores.

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About the Creator

Finger SuckingThumbududdy to Love™ was created by Andrea Van Ness, a former thumb sucker. After her mom tried everything, including bitter tasting thumb polish (which by the way has chemicals), it was her grandmother that made her a thumb puppet. It was the positive experience of the thumb puppet and her kind words that encouraged Andrea to stop thumb sucking.

When researching the available thumb sucking products for her son, she was surprised by the lack of friendly, positive teaching tools on the market. She created Thumbuddy to Love™ with the intention of providing a fun, positive learning tool for children . . . then took it one step further and wrote the Thumbududdy to Love™ books (Fireman Fred and Ballerina Sue) along with matching character thumb puppets and created the first positive teaching tool of its kind.

Stop Thumb Sucking Thumbsucking

About the Artist

Thumb Sucking GuardKarla Trapp illustrated both Thumbuddy to Love books and the thumb puppets are based on the drawings. Karla Trapp, MA, is an Art Therapist and has a private practice for children. She is also an artist, and you can see more of her work at www.art-alchemy.com. She lives with her husband and her 2 boys in Denver, Colorado.