Beyond the Thumb Sucking: Toddler Tips You’ll Love!

By now we hope you all know just how fun and beneficial Thumbuddy to Love products are. Ballerina
Sue and Fireman Fred help your children ages 3-6 stop thumb sucking while our newest product, The
Binky Fairy helps toddlers ages 2-5 stop pacifier sucking. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, thumb
sucking can have negative health effects, both dental and otherwise. Today we want to take a break
from all the thumb suckers talk and focus on your toddlers in general.

As parents we all know how rewarding yet challenging raising a toddler can be. If you’re just reaching
this phase, don’t worry you’ll know soon enough. We join parenting groups, ask our friends and family
for advice, and read all the mommy blogs out there. We all like to think that we can handle this whole
parenting thing just fine on our own, but sometimes we simply need advice. It truly does take a village.
We here at Thumbuddy would like to be a part of your village. Here are a few of our favorite toddler

1) Consistency is key. No matter what you’re doing, staying consistent is extremely important.
Whether you’re doing a general everyday task like structuring your toddler’s daily activities or
focusing on something specific such as stopping thumb sucking, be consistent. Toddlers respond
well to routine.

2) Plenty of physical, outdoor playtime is very important. Starting the morning off playing in the
backyard sets the tone for a positive and productive day in the life of a toddler.

3) Sleep. These tips can be very tricky. With so many lists of tips out there, it is impossible to know which ones will
work for your toddler and which ones will not. Maybe we will focus solely on sleep tips in a later
blog, but for now we will share the one tip we believe to be most universal: As the old adage
goes, early to bed and early to rise…

4) Do your best to keep calm. Messes can be cleaned, toddlers won’t always understand
everything right away and a tantrum here and there is unavoidable. Life as a parent is
unpredictable and the sooner you accept that, the calmer you’ll manage to stay.
"thumb sucking"
5) Remember to have fun and enjoy all the curious behavior you’re little ones display.
We are not suggesting these are hard and fast rules. Parenting is tricky and each situation and lifestyle is
unique, so when it comes to parenting tips, nothing is absolute. We just wanted to share with you some
of our favorite concepts in the hopes that something may work for you or at the very least give you a
good base to build off of. Just remember, no matter what parenting techniques you’re using with your
children, consistency is what makes them stick.

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