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Fun Holiday Projects for Kids

  The holiday season is upon us, and that likely means you are about to find yourself—or have already found yourself—smack-dab in the middle of the busiest time of year. There are presents to be bought and wrapped, food to be cooked, relatives to visit…and the list goes on and on. It can be especially […]

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Halloween in a Jiffy!

Normally this blog is dedicated to stopping thumb sucking, but with Halloween right around the corner we figure there are busy parents out there who might need some help in other areas. Halloween costumes are ever so important to your children. As soon as toddlers grasp the costume concept they are obsessed every year—well they’re […]

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Thumbuddy To Love is now available at Safari of Smiles Dental

We would like to Thank Safari of Smiles Dental office in Jacksonville, Florida for picking up Thumbuddy To Love and carrying it as part of their pediatric practice for kids. Thank you Safari of Smiles!

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"Binky Fairy"

Sleep Tight! The Binky Fairy is on the Way

The Binky Fairy is a time-tested method used to wean your toddler off of pacifier sucking. The idea might not be a brand new one, but here at Thumbuddy to Love we’ve put a new twist on an old idea. Our Illustrated storybook comes with a special Binky Fairy finger puppet meant to help your […]

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31% of US Parents say Kids Missed School Due to Dental Problems

NEWS RELEASE 31% of U.S. Parents Say Kids Missed School Due to Dental Problems New Survey Finds Absences Vary by Region, Delta Dental Releases Summertime Tips to Help Prevent Repeat Next School Year Share on Facebook Share on Twitter OAK BROOK, Ill. (July 1, 2015) – This past school year was a painful one for […]

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Sometimes Adults Need Reminders Too

Sometimes realizations can hit us like a ton of bricks; this happened to me last weekend. It was a Sunday afternoon. My husband was out playing golf with his buddies and I was at home playing tea party with our 4 year old daughter, Jessica. At some point in the afternoon I realized we didn’t […]

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Break the Habit

Thumb sucking as a toddler can lead to problems down the road. However, there are ways to break the habit. One year old Peyton does one thing her parents are a little concerned about… sucking her thumb. Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu says, “So kids who suck their thumb when they’re as young say 2 or […]

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Distract the Thumb Sucking Away

If you have done your research into thumb sucking remedies then I am sure you have read some articles explaining that one of the best methods to stop thumb sucking is to keep your toddler busy and distracted. If you’ve been keeping up with us here at Thumbuddy to Love then you know that our […]

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Beyond the Thumb Sucking: Toddler Tips You’ll Love!

By now we hope you all know just how fun and beneficial Thumbuddy to Love products are. Ballerina Sue and Fireman Fred help your children ages 3-6 stop thumb sucking while our newest product, The Binky Fairy helps toddlers ages 2-5 stop pacifier sucking. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, thumb sucking can have […]

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Why Thumbuddy To Love is the Best Option

We can’t stress enough how important positive reinforcement is when it comes to weaning your child off of thumb sucking and/or pacifier sucking. Using negative techniques only shames your child and in turn develops other issues. Thumbuddy To Love gives your child something fun and positive to focus on as you work on breaking his […]

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Sickness Due To Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking Increases Sickness Among Children  CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News)

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Why Stop Thumb Sucking?

Why Stop Thumb Sucking? Many parents are concerned when their child starts to thumb suck and wonder why and when is the appropriate age to stop? Dentists believe that prolonged thumb sucking can lead to tooth problems, misalignment of teeth, speech problems and narrowing of the palate. Talk to your child about their need to […]

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