Distract the Thumb Sucking Away

If you have done your research into thumb sucking remedies then I am sure you have read some articles explaining that one of the best methods to stop thumb sucking is to keep your toddler busy and distracted. If you’ve been keeping up with us here at Thumbuddy to Love then you know that our methods are all about positive reinforcement. And you may have discovered by now that sometimes one method is not enough. If your little thumb suckers are having trouble giving up the habit you may have to employ more than one method. Your toddler’s Thumbuddy may be enough to help them kick the habit but you may need to use some distraction techniques as well. So here are a few of our favorite toddler activities that may help keep the thumb sucking at bay:

Bathtub paint makes bath time a blast. If you’ve never heard of bath tub paint then you are missing a golden opportunity to keep your toddlers entertained at bath time. Your toddler will love the extra fun


 bath time and you’ll love the easy clean up. Just type “bathtub paint for toddlers” into Google and you’ll find a number of DIY recipes.

Up close and personal bird watching rocks. Have you seen those very cool see-through bird feeders? They suction onto your window so you can watch the birds feeding up close from the comfort of your home. Your kiddos are sure to love the view!

Reading books is always a good idea. Instill a love of reading in your children early on. It’s the perfect activity when you’re feeling exhausted or run down. Settle into a pile of books with your little one and give your body a rest. For an added bonus have them turn the pages, this way their hands stay busy and they stay engaged.

Create a trail with toilet paper. This fun game is easy to set up and sure to please. Unravel a roll of toilet paper and create a path leading your toddler to a special surprise.

All you need is a colander and some pipe cleaners. Ok this one may seem odd at first, but talk about keep toddlers busy and distracted! We all know little ones love banging on pots and playing with any kitchenware that they can get their tiny hands on; well this activity is safe and noiseless. You simply give your toddler a colander and show them how to put pipe cleaners through the holes. Your little one will stay entertained for hours. They won’t even be thinking about sucking their thumbs AND you just might get some stuff done around the house.

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