Fun Holiday Projects for Kids


The holiday season is upon us, and that likely means you are about to find yourself—or have already found yourself—smack-dab in the middle of the busiest time of year. There are presents to be bought and wrapped, food to be cooked, relatives to visit…and the list goes on and on. It can be especially hard to get everything done when you have little ones running around distracting you.

This holiday season take a cue from Thumbuddy to Love and keep your kiddos busy and productive. As you probably already know, our Thumbuddies are positive tools that help your children stop thumbsucking. The Thumbuddy acts as a new security object for your children that also teaches them and reminds them to keep their thumbs out of their mouth. So why not think of holiday projects in this way?

You can keep your tiny tots busy—so you can get all your holiday tasks done—with projects that teach, inspire and remind them to be kind and respectful to those around them. So to help all you moms and dads out in any way we can, here are a few of our favorite holiday projects that your kiddos can work on all on their own:

Homemade Gift Tags

This is a great way to keep the kids busy and create fun original gift wrapping touches for gifts for the whole family! Bonus: Your little ones will be learning about the joys of giving.


"hand-made gift tags"

Construction paper, Card Stock or Index Cards

Washable Paints or Markers


This one is super simple and requires very little set-up on your part. All you have to do is cut up a pile of small squares, let your kids know to write a small “to:” and “from:” on each square and set them free to decorate each gift tags with whatever holiday look they’d like.



Handprint Christmas Tree

Tell you kiddos they can create a Christmas tree for every room in the house—and one for every family member they think should have one.


Green, white"hand print christmas tree" and brown construction paper



Glue sticks

Optional Materials: glitter, pom poms or stickers


Start by showing your kids how to trace their hands and cut out the tracing; tell them to do this many, many times on the green construction paper. Once they have a nice big stack of cut-out handprints the tree construction can begin. Glue the handprints, fingers down, onto the white construction paper in the shape of a Christmas tree—start with a long row of handprints and make it narrower and narrower as you go up, ending with one handprint for the top of the tree. Once the tree is constructed they can decorate the tree however they’d like. Tell them to create their dream Christmas tree and the results should be magical.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Little ones love the feel of cotton balls, so they will definitely love this hands-on cotton ball craft project.


"cotton ball snowman"

Multi-colored construction paper



Paper plates

Optional Materials: pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks


Start your children off with a sheet of blue, red or green construction paper. Draw two or three light circles on top of each other—each one slightly smaller than the last—in the shape of a snowman for them to use as a guide as they build their cotton ball snowmen. Poor glue onto a paper plate and have them dip the cotton balls in the glue and then onto the paper, filling in each circle to make the body of the snowman. Once the body of the snowman is done, they can put whatever finishing touches on him that they want. Here are some ideas: Use black construction paper to cut out a top hat, orange construction paper for the carrot nose, black pom poms for buttons and popsicle sticks for arms.

Once your kiddos are off and running on these projects, you’ll have time to think about gifts; so remember, if you have little thumb suckers in your life there’s no better holiday gift than an adorable little Thumbuddy to help them learn how to stop thumb sucking.


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