Halloween in a Jiffy!

Normally this blog is dedicated to stopping thumb sucking, but with Halloween right around the corner we figure there are busy parents out there who might need some help in other areas. Halloween costumes are ever so important to your children. As soon as toddlers grasp the costume concept they are obsessed every year—well they’re obsessed until they’re teenagers when they become too cool to care. Usually as soon as October hits they begin chatting your ear off about all the different costume ideas they’ve been squirrelling away for months. And every year you, the parent, have the best of intentions. Maybe some years you’re on top of it, possibly even sewing a custom costume from scratch. But there are definitely years when busy schedules catch up with you and Halloween is tomorrow before you even realize what’s going on.
Don’t worry moms and dads. It happens to the best of us. So this year, we here at T2015-12-01_1409humbuddy to Love want to help you out. Next month we’ll get back to discussing thumb suckers and pacifier sucking; but this month we’ve compiled a quick list of some easy to throw together, last-minute costume ideas for you busy parents who let Halloween sneak up on you this year:

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
Your child most likely already has a rain coat and rain boots, so you’ve got the bulk of the costume right there! To finish this costume off all you need is a child size umbrella—preferably a clear one— and some cats and dogs. You can draw your own cats and dogs, cut them out from magazines, print them off the computer, whatever is easiest for you. Attach about 20-30 of those cats and dogs to the umbrella and you’ve got yourself a raining cats and dogs costume for your child.
A Pile of Laundry
This is the perfect costume for those of you with kiddos who haven’t quite learned how to pick up after themselves yet. Let them be a reflection of their room. All you need is clothes—lots and lots of clothes. First choose a solid color base outfit and then pin clothes to that outfit. Pin as few or as many clothes as you want. The end result will be your little one looking just like that pile of laundry lying on their bedroom floor. Added bonus, the other parents are sure to love this one!
This one’s a classic and the materials are simple. Dress your child in a white shirt, preferably long-sleeved, and white sweatpants. Then proceed to wrap your little one in white gauze from head to toe. Smudge a little black makeup or face paint around the eyes for added affect.
Stick Figure
This one’s just as simple as the mummy costume above— it even starts out the same. Dress your kiddo in a white long-sleeved shirt and white jeans or sweatpants. Then use electrical tape to create the outline of a stick figure on their front side. Draw a smiley face on a white paper plate, poke holes for eyes and attach it to your child’s head. Then POOF you’ve got a stick figure costume.

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