How to Stop Pacifier Sucking with the Binky Fairy: Now available on Amazon.

Are you wanting to help your child stop pacifier sucking? Now is  a good time to break the pacifier sucking habit. Many dentists agree that pacifier can be more harmful than thumb sucking. Why? Because it changes the palate of the mouth or what is known as the roof of the mouth and that can push the jaw forward and cause malformation of the teeth and jaw. Stopping pacifier sucking does not have to be a big deal. Now children can let go of the pacifier with the Binky Fairy by Thumbuddy To Love. Parents read the adorable Binky Fairy book the night before that explains where the pacifiers are going to go and children are comforted knowing the Binky Fairy will come and leave a sweet Binky Fairy puppet under their pillow. It really can be done without tears or fuss with Thumbuddy To Love: The Binky Fairy. It is now available on Amazon.

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