How To Stop Thumb Sucking

Many parents want to know how to stop thumb sucking when it comes to getting thier little one to give up a habit that is so comforting. Thumb sucking can be a hard habit to break but now there is a product called Thumbuddy to Love for parents and their children to help stop thumb sucking. Talk to your children about giving up thumb sucking. You can even have a converstion with the dentist on why it is imoportant to stop. One should never shame a child into stopping thumb sucking. Rather, make it a fun project like any behavior modification you are trying to accomplish. Tell your child  they will have a little helper called Thumbuddy. The charachters in the Thumbuddy To Love products have all given up thumb sucking and now they have a fun thumb guard to remind them. Thumbuddy To Love products all come with matching character thumb puppets and story books to help teach your child the imortance of stopping thumb sucking in a fun and positive way. They all come with success charts so children get involved marking off the days they do not suck thier thumb. Now you and your child have a friend in helping give up thumbsucking….and the best part is that kids love Tumbuddy To Love so giving up thumb sucking is easy!

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