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There are no tried and true methods for breaking the thumb-sucking habit. Toddlers usually outgrow it, often by the time they reach kindergarten.

However, parents who want their children to stop may find some tools to be helpful, such as the Thumbuddy To Love kit, which includes an illustrated storybook, thumb puppet, success chart, and stickers.

The Thumbuddy thumb puppets (Ballerina Sue or Fireman Fred) can be worn day or night as a positive reminder to stop thumb sucking. Parents and kids can read the books about their favorite heroes who stopped thumb sucking and apply stickers to the chart for successful nights. Congratulations certificates are available to print from the Thumbuddy to Love website after a child has successfully broken the thumb-sucking habit. The company also offers Binky Fairy to help children gradually give up their pacifiers.

We like this product because it provides a gentle distraction and motivational tool for children trying to break this habit. It can’t hurt and it may help!

Thumbuddy to Love kits can be purchased on the web at or on Amazon for $19.95 and at select stores.

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