Sleep Tight! The Binky Fairy is on the Way

The Binky Fairy is a time-tested method used to wean your toddler off of pacifier sucking. The idea might not be a brand new one, but here at Thumbuddy to Love we’ve put a new twist on an old idea. Our Illustrated storybook comes with a special Binky Fairy finger puppet meant to help your child survive the weaning period. If you’re unfamiliar with the Binky Fairy, let us fill you in…

If you’re a mom (or a dad) then you probably know, weaning your toddler off of the pacifier—or binky or pacie or whatever term is used in your house—is no easy task. But there are a number of reasons to wean your toddler off of the habit sooner rather than later and for years parents everywhere have been trying to figure out how to do it. If you go online and search something like “how to stop pacifier use” you’ll find lists upon lists of suggestions; but every child is different and it’s hard to know what will work in your case. Well, the Binky Fairy method has proven to be a widely effective method that is being used more and more in recent years.

There are many dif"Binky Fairy"ferent ways to use the Binky Fairy method, but the basic idea is similar to that of the Tooth Fairy. You tell your toddler that new babies are out there in need of binkies so the Binky Fairy’s job is to go around collecting the binkies that the big boys and girls don’t need anymore. The idea is that your toddler will have an easier time parting with their beloved binky if he or she feels like letting go is helping new babies out there. Often times this method includes the Binky Fairy leaving something behind in exchange for the used binkies.

When you choose the Thumbuddy to Love method, you and your toddler will get an extra special Binky Fairy experience.   Our Binky Fairy—much like our Thumbuddy that helps your kiddos stop thumbsuckingcomes with an illustrated story book, a Binky Fairy thumb puppet with removable wings, a success chart and stickers. You read your child the adorable story of the Binky Fairy before bed so they go to sleep looking forward to waking up to the Binky Fairy puppet that will replace their binkies that were taken to help other children.

It’s all a very sweet idea actually. You are teaching your children compassion and the importance of helping others, and at the same time you are weaning them off their binky in a tear-free way. It’s really a win-win for everyone! So when you and your toddler are ready, be sure to order The Binky Fairy from Thumbuddy to Love.

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