Sometimes Adults Need Reminders Too

Sometimes realizations can hit us like a ton of bricks; this happened to me last weekend. It was a Sunday afternoon. My husband was out playing golf with his buddies and I was at home playing tea party with our 4 year old daughter, Jessica. At some point in the afternoon I realized we didn’t have much food in the house so I gathered our belongings, loaded Jessica into the car seat and headed to the grocery store. I came to a stop light and mindlessly texted my husband to ask him if he’d like anything in particular for dinner. When I heard a honk behind me I knew the light had turned green and I’d missed it.


At the next stop light I looked at the response my husband had sent—he had been craving my eggplant parm all day—and then I glanced at Jessica in the review mirror. She was sitting back there, totally content and completely trusting that I would get her to the store safely, playing with her little Ballerina Sue Thumbuddy. That’s when it hit me. I had spent months searching for thumb sucking remedies because I was nervous that Jessica might not outgrow the habit and in turn suffer some long term effects, but I wasn’t even considering the immediate effects that my own actions could potentially cause!

We hear about the dangers of texting and driving all the time. We all know we shouldn’t do it, and yet so many of us still do. It’s easy to forget the potential dangers when you’re driving down a neighborhood street or sitting at a stop light and you hear your text tone go off. In today’s instant gratification, technology obsessed world we want to see who’s texting and what they have to say and we want to respond immediately. But the dangers of texting and driving have been proven time and time again, and I for one am determined to stop doing it. But how do I keep this determination in the forefront of my mind and stop the bad habit?

So, much like I did when I wanted to stop Jessica’s thumb sucking habit, I took to the internet. The irony of what I found was priceless. There is a big campaign out there aimed at stopping texting and driving and this campaign encourages the use of


 texting thumb bands to remember not to text while you’re driving. That’s right, just like Jessica’s Thumbuddy that reminds her to stop thumbsucking, these thumb bands remind us adults to focus on our driving.

I immediately ordered the thumb bands for myself and my husband. So nowadays Jessica and I cruise around town with mommy and me thumb reminders. Now my baby can truly trust that I will get her anywhere we go safe and sound.

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