Stop Thumb Sucking with Thumbuddy To Love!

If you want your child to stop thumb sucking, try the positive approach. Most products out there have the opposite affect when it comes to stopping thumb sucking. Bitter polishes and thumb guards may deter kids breifly but might make them want to suck more when no one is around. Thumbuddy To Love was designed to make it fun for kids as another step to growing up so they can say that they stopped all by themselves (with a little help from Thumbuddy To Love). Parents read the book to thier child and children learn how the heros in the book were able to stop thumb sucking. As a reminder, they can keep their thumbs busy by wearing or playing with the Thumbuddy thumb puppets and wearing them to bed at night. The sticker charts help keep them motivated and once they accomplish their goal, they can print off a diploma from the web site at A child will remember to take thier Thumbuddy becasue it plays a positive role in breaking the thumb sucking habit. And research shows that kids learn best when it is positive, fun and playful.

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