Tips To Stop Thumb Sucking

Here are some suggestions for chronic thumb/finger suckers:

  • Read Thumbuddy To Love™ story book often to your child.
  • Have them take Thumbuddy everywhere, including bed time as a reminder to stop.
  • Have your child mark off the days with stickers to encourage him/her to get involved. Some parents even offer their child a small reward after so many stickers. It keeps them motivated.
  • Thumb sucking can be a hard habit to break so get the whole family involved as being on the same “Stop Thumb Sucking Team” (grandparents, siblings, friends, and teachers). Ask them to sign the back of the book as their team member. “You can do it!”
  • For chronic thumb/finger suckers, some parents have put a band aid around the thumb for the first few days under the Thumbuddy. Kids love the thumb puppet so they can incorporate it into their play.
  • Remember to be patient. Kids learn best when there is positive encouragement and reinforcement.
  • You can remind her/him that they get a certificate/diploma that can be printed off of the website ( once your child accomplishes their goal.