Why Thumbuddy To Love is the Best Option

We can’t stress enough how important positive reinforcement is when it comes to weaning your child off of thumb sucking and/or pacifier sucking. Using negative techniques only shames your child and in turn develops other issues.

Thumbuddy To Love gives your child something fun and positive to focus on as you work on breaking his or her thumb sucking habit.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Many children who suck their thumbs or fingers do so while holding a treasured object, such as a security blanket.” This is precisely why the Thumbuddy is the perfect way to stop thumb sucking. Rather than sucking their thumbs and cuddling their blankets, your children will now have a new security object to focus on that also teaches and reminds them to keep their thumbs out of their mouth.

Essentially, Thumbuddy will be your child’s new “security blanket.”

Don’t forget about the new Binky Fairy! Our new product helps wean your child off of pacifier sucking.

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